Our Team

Head of operations; Peter O’Connell, OCC Construction, Gray Office Park, Galway Retail Park, Headford Road, Galway.

Accountants & tax advisors; Dara O’Malley, O’Malley & Co Accountants, Tuam Road Retail Centre

Solicitors; Ian Foley & Co, Gray Office Park, Galway Retail Park, Headford Road, Galway.

Engineers; APS Consulting, Anthony Scarry, Lackagh, Turloughmore, Galway. Aps advise on all planning and regulation issues

Our Aim

To identify property which shows strong value, create an individual plan for each and ultimately to purchase and develop those properties which will give short term and long-term returns on investment. The property must have a sweetspot which allows us to take advantage of a situation. I have a proven track record with my most recent deals returning between 15-30%. I feel there is huge opportunity at the moment for many investments between €400k- €1million, as this market is less crowded

Short term returns will be those properties which will give an immediate added market value to our capital investment. The property will be purchased, the works will be completed immediately and the property will be sold.

Long term returns will be property’s which give us a rental yield of 15% or more. These will be only considered in very strong locations where 100% occupancy is likely. Each project is fully analysed and the figures answer for themselves.

Our Approach

  1. Location
  2. Opportunity to add substantial value.
  3. Unique selling point whether it be material or financial.
  4. Creating a high rental yield property and hence increasing the market value substantially.

How It Works

The minimum investment is €100,000. The investment will be held by solicitor in trust at all times. An agreement is drawn up for each separate project, a charge will be put on the property relating to the final agreement naming all investors and their interest. There will be a monthly report on where the project is at. Once the project is complete, in this case after 1 year, full accounts are completed on the project and the profits are divided up accordingly. Our Chartered Accountant and auditor completes the report.



Honesty, integrity and trust are a key part of all my business dealings. There will be full transparency throughout our project. My aim is to create a strong working relationship with reliable and enthusiastic investors. I have a proven track record in identifying properties which have a sweet spot for investment. The results over the past number of years speak for themselves. We are investing our own capital in these projects which confirms my commitment to the project and my motivation for strong profit returns.

What to do if you are Interested?

Its simple, just drop an email to peter@occo.ie and I will forward you the next opportunity proposal. We will arrange a meeting. We will take it from there together to invest in a property that satisfies both our interests.